House Raising New Jersey – Five Big Reasons To Lift Your Home

5 Reasons for House Raising New Jersey

5 Reasons for House Raising New Jersey

Take a look around the coastal regions of New Jersey and you’re going to see the same sight over and over again: crews at work around homes near the shore, jacking them up so they sit on higher foundations than they did previously. This is house raising New Jersey, and since Hurricane Sandy it has become almost routine. The reasons why are simple:

Enhanced Protection From Floods – This is reason #1 why people hook with house raising New Jersey contractors and get their homes jacked up to a higher elevation. Look at it this way: if you had three feet of water in your home during Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm to strike New Jersey in living memory, you were pretty bad off. If your home had been lifted just four feet – a fairly modest lifting project – you would have been comfortably above the flood waters. Thousands who were displaced by the storm didn’t need to be, if only their homes were set on a higher foundation or pilings. Is there any better reason to lift?

Lower Flood Insurance – Your flood insurance premiums are based on a number of factors, including what flood zone you are in and, of course, what your home’s elevation is compared to the elevations recommended by FEMA. If your home is below the recommended height, be ready to have your flood insurance rates go through the roof. If you’re meeting FEMA recommendations, you’ll pay a reasonable rate for peace of mind. Exceed those elevations, however, and you’ll see your rates drop to the absolute basement – just a few hundred dollars per year, compared to the many thousands paid by someone falling short of FEMA recommendations.

Better Views – It’s not something most people think about when they begin a NJ house raising project, but one of the results of house lifting in New Jersey is that your home will suddenly have better views than it did before. Some homeowners near, but not on, Barnegat Bay, found themselves enjoying views of the water for the first time after a house lifting project. Others found their second floor bedrooms to be more airy and enjoyable once lifted eight feet higher. It’s not the primary reason people lift, but it’s a nice benefit.

Increased Home Value – Like the better views you’ll be enjoying, a side benefit of getting your home lifted is the fact that it will increase the value of your home, thus enhancing its long-term investment potential. Homes that are safer, better protected and more likely to withstand the elements will enjoy greater desirability on the market, ensuring that every dollar you put into it will come back to you two or threefold.

New And Improved Foundation/Pilings – One of the key aspects of seeing a NJ house lifting project through to completion is rebuilding a new foundation or driving new pilings. That means when you lift your home, you’re also upgrading the infrastructure. Fewer leaks, fewer drafts, savings on your energy bill – all of these things and more may result.