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Home Elevation Contractors Play a Major Role

We may find ourselves morbidly fascinated with the sights, sounds and spectacle of truck crashes – they are highly popular Youtube videos for a reason – but for a home elevation contractor watching such crashes is not about getting some morbid entertainment. Studying these crashes is about the science, data and details of what causes crashes to happen, what the results of those crashes are, and who (if anyone) is at fault for them.

Truck accidents are no rare thing. There are dozens on a daily basis, most of them minor but many of them serious. In many of those cases, those involves will see charges filed. Further, lawsuits may follow, bringing the accident into the courtroom. Because of this, anyone involved in such crashes – drivers, truck owners, businesses, shipping firms and more – will seek out a trucking expert witness from people who specialize in these crashes.

Here are four cases that may end up involving such testimony.

In July 2014, a tractor trailer slammed into the rear of a police car driven in Waldick, NJ, killing the 32-year-old officer. The truck driver was uninjured. Evidence at the scene showed no indication he tried to stop. The driver was charged with vehicular homicide, so chances are near certain that a truck collision expert will be called in to take part in the process. In the crash, the truck continued past the scene and hit a house further down the road.

A Lawrence, NJ accident, also in July 2014, left a car submerged the car’s driver drowned when a dump truck rammed into it at a light. Witnesses claim the truck driver was driving erratically and too fast when he slammed into the car and sent it plunging into a lake 200 feet away. The dump truck driver has been charged with death by auto, all but guaranteeing a trucking expert witness will become involved in the trial. The driver of the truck actually had to be extricated from his victim’s car, indicating he was thrown from one vehicle to another.

Earlier in 2014, Tracey Morgan, actor on Saturday Night Live and The Office, was the most famous victim (but certainly not the most unfortunate victim) of an accident in which a truck driver who hadn’t slept in 24 hours slammed into a vehicle. A six-car pileup ensued, one person was killed and three were critically injured in the New Jersey Turnpike crash. The accident made national headlines and brought attention to the issue of truck driver fatigue. In 2012, there were more than 3,900 fatalities from crashes involving large trucks.

In Upper Township, a construction dump truck lost control on the Great Egg Harbor Bridge in May 2014, sending the truck first bouncing off a divider and then off the bridge entirely. The driver was rescued and airlifted to a nearby hospital.

In all such cases, it will take expert testimony and home elevation contractors with deep experience examining truck crashes and trucking accidents to sort out truth from rumor to determine who should be liable for these crashes, if anyone.